Course at SQL Skills in seattle – Day 1

Finally, the day arrived where the course would start, and let me say it like this: WOW…. This is simply the best course I have ever attended, today our primary focus was the datastore and physical structure, and to be honest, I thought I new all that there was to know about these topics, but now I know, that i Dont’t.

On the other hand, then I am also positive suprised that I knew a lot, so at the end of the day, I feel enlighted but also confident.

I will post a small post a little bit later today about one of the funny and small details, autoshrink. I have always told my customers that autoshrink is bad, but now I know it is and I know why. Never thought about that before, but Paul Randal gave us a fantastic insight in the what happens when you put on autoshrink.

But any way. My taste for SQL Server has increased, and I am really happy that I have decided to participate in this Immerse yourself event from SQLSkills.

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