Course at SQL Skills in seattle – Day -2

This is something I have been looking forward to for the last couple of month… Meeting the guys (and actually also girls) that really knows and SQL server is working and that can teach me new stuff. I am going to participate in the Performance and Internals immersion from august the 1th 2011 to august the 5th, and I will try to post a small blog every day, about the topics we have covered (including if we drink a beer or two)…

Day Minus 2, started wednesday morning very early in Denmark, and after a stop in Amsterdam, I left for US. 10 hours later, I arrived in Seattle, and went to the hotel, were the event also i held. It is the Courtyard Mariott hotel in Bellevue Seattle.

On my trip I tried to study a little bit more for the course, and I will try to post a blog about one of the interesting topics that I covered.

The course is, as I wrote earlier, a performance and internals course, that are held by a company called SQL  Skills (, and two of the instructors are:

Kimberly L. Trpp and Paul S. Randal, two of the most famous SQL Guys in the world.

Paul has been working on the SQL Server team, and he has amongst other been responsible for the DBCC command.

Next post will be send tonight, and then I will send a post after each day of the course.

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