Exam 70-462–Chapter 11, Lesson 1: SQL Server Agent

The SQL Server Agent is the scheduling tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and you must at minimum learn what a job and an alert is. If you don’t know that, and if you can’t setup a simple job and an alert, then you will not pass the exam.

When you have learned the basics of alerts and jobs, then you must learn

  1. How to setup the database mail option in the SQL Server Agent.
  2. Operators
  3. Notifications  and schedules on jobs
  4. Setting up a proxy and use it in a job step.
  5. Multi instance management.

You must also understand the impact of the account you have setup the SQL Server Agent Service with.

I forgot to mention one thing in the demo, and that is if you are not a member of the sysadmin, then you must be member of a specific role in the MSDB database:


  1. SQLAgentUserRole
  2. SQLAgentReaderRole
  3. SQLAgentOperatorRole


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-x2kzIPpZ0]

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