Instant file initialization

Some times you need to create larger databases, and it will be quite irritating to wait on the SQL Server to do all the Work. The most timeconsuming task is to wait on the databasefile to be zeroed out. So how can we avoid that?

Basically it is very simple: You just need to allow the user WHO has started the SQL Server Instance to perform volume maintenance tasks.

You do that by:

  1. Go to SQL Server Configuration manager and see what user WHO has started your instance.
  2. Go to start –> run and write GPEDIT.MSC
  3. Go to the node Computer configuration –> Windows settings –> Security settings –> Local Policies –> User Right assignment and find PERFORM VOLUME MAITENANCE TASKS.
  4. Add the user that started the sql server instance.
  5. Restart the SQL server instance in SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Now you have instant file initialization on your sql server.

Don’t you believe me??  Well, try to Watch this video, that I have made.


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