Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring

This book review is about the book “Pro SQL Server 2008 Mirroring“, and it is a nice little book that can be bought on Amazon or other online Book stores. It is 237 pages, and it is an expert book in Database mirroring on Microsoft SQL Server platform.

I recommend that you buy this book if you have setup a couple of installations (mirroring setups) and now you want to learn more about how mirroring works. There are 10 chapters, and each chapter cover an important topic when it comes to mirroring and as all other books, the first chapters are a general introduction, including the most common words that you need to learn.

One chapter I like in particular is chapter 3, that is called Planning and Best Practices. This is not a technical chapter. this is a chapter to understand that everything in a SQL server is not about using wizards and clicking Next- Next and Next. This chapter introduce you to the fact that Planning is everything!!!

It also have a list of Best Practices, and this is a nice list, BUT this is also an example of one of the downsides of the book. The layout is not very good. Why do you make a list that is difficult to read and prioritize, when you could create a checklist in prioritized order? I  would have done that.

Chapter 10, Planning for Failure, is also very interesting to read, and it sums up why you should use databasemirroring. You should use it because you are a good DBA, that plans for failure in a cost efficient way.

So… conclusion is, that if you want a good book on Database Mirroring, and you have some experience with that area, then the book is absolute worth buying. I think the price is around 50 USD.

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