Snapshot replication for beginners

If you want to learn a little bit about one of the types of replications, that can be used to distribute data to another database/instance/server, then you should see this video about Snapshot replication.

Imagine that you have a server in one location and a server in another location. They have both a SQL Server installed, and on the first server you have a database called CRM. From that database you want to copy one of the tables, called Customers to a database called CUSTOMERS on the other server.

You want it to be done once a week and there are only 1.000 customers.

In that situation a Snapshot replication could be a good choice. In snapshot replication you:

  1. Create a publication (Meaning: Customertable from CRM database is now an article in the publication).
  2. You send it to a distributor that will deliver it to
  3. A subscriber on the other server.

In the video you will see how a snapshot replication is created.


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