SQL Server 2012 – Installation 1

Funny to see the new version of SQL Server 2012 installation. I know it is the Release candidate 0, but why the f… does microsoft create an installation process, where the following error occurs, if you don’t know how to configure the setup?

There was a failure to validate setting CTLRUSERS in validaton function ValidateUsers.

Yes, I did not know how to solve this problem, before I started to investigate the setup.. I am a bad person 🙁 But Microsoft could have made the setup in another way, so that the installation did not have to start all over again, just because of one simple mistake in how you configured the setup.

The error happens because you add a non-domain user to the distributed replay controller, when you come to this step in the setup process:

When you see this step, then add a domain user and configure the next page OR just leave it blank (I am installing on a testmachin that is not a part of a domain, so I can’t add a domain user :-))

So, what is distributed replay controller? Well, in books online it says that it has a lot of overlap to SQL Server Profiler, but it is more flexible, and it should be used to test for SQL Server Upgrades and operating system upgrades.

The Idea is to trace workloads from different clients and then replay them to test if an upgrade is ok for the solution that you have developed.

I am critical, but if it is really the purpose and if it is working, then I would say that MS has done something brilliant.

But…. I will test it later.


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