SQL Server MVP – Deep Dive Volume 1

This is a crappy book, but you should buy it anyway…. It sounds strange, but please look at the review and feel free to disagree with me.

I bought this book since like the idea of having a lot of small but interesting articles gathered in one book, and some of the articles are very good and you can learn a lot from them, and some of the articles are really bad.

“Deep dives” means, as I see it, not an introduction but a Deep dive, and if we look at the chapter about full text search, then the big question is: What does it have to do with a Deep Dive? It is a good introduction, but it is not something that I would expect from a book that calls it self a Deep dive.

On the other hand, then there is an interesting article about Gaps and Islands, and this is really a deep dive. It is expected that you know a lot about SQL Server and programming, and now you want to be introduced to a problem that has caused a lot of troubles to a lot of developers over time.

So why do I think it is crappy? Because the level of the content is in average not a deep dive. It is in some cases a beginners guide to functionalities. When that is said, then the quality of the articles are high, and that is why I recommend you to buy the book.





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